19" Power Clinker Tile Cutter

Ishii Tile Cutters SKU: MX-480STWAN


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19" Power Clinker Tile Cutter has a protractor gauge with a quick locking lever to allow any cut from square to 60°. Spring loaded base front portion for easier cutting of porcelain tile. Cushion grip handle with storage for a spare scoring wheel. Has dual chrome plated rail bars with sturdy die cast aluminum construction. No. 22X 22 mm (7/8") diameter titanium coated solid carbide scoring wheel mounted on a ball bearing for easy scoring and longest wheel life. An oversize breaker foot with a replaceable hard rubber pad to prevent tile marking that also pivots to automatically adjust for cutting tile up to 3/4" thick. The steel protector (3" long) mounted over the front edge of the breaker rail to prevent premature wear caused by cutting pressure from the underside of the tile Two 12" side arm extensions to help support larger tiles and a magnetic holding feature against the base. Scale with dual inch and metric graduations. This cutter has a has 16 mm diameter dual chrome plated steel bars, a 3-1/2" wide breaker foot and a 8" wide protractor gauge. Makes 19" Straight cuts and 13-1/2" Diagonal cuts. Weighs 16 lbs.