34" Ishii Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutter

Ishii Tile Cutters SKU: AH-870S2


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34" Ishii Red Turbo Jet Tile Cutter has adjustments for all tiles. This tile cutter has more adjustments for today’s new plank porcelain tile shapes and designs. 13" spring-loaded bed cutting pad sits on top heavy duty die cast aluminum base to handle rough job site conditions. The single bar has 6 adjustable bearings that allow you to tighten the bearings as the cutter gets older this ensures the tile cutter cuts straight over time. 4-3/4" breaker foot can be adjusted in height for cutting tile up to 3/4" thick. 34" Ishii Red Turbo Jet tile cutter cuts 34-1/4" x 34-1/4" tile straight and 24-1/4" x 24-1/4" on diagonal.