Crain 575 Multi-Undercut Saw Kit

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Crain 575 Multi-Undercut Saw is compact, 7 AMP undercut saw works best for fast undercutting of door jambs. It can also undercut along walls, at inside corner areas, or beneath toe spaces. The height of the cut is adjustable from flush to one inch above floor level. Cuts to a maximum depth of 1 1/4". Dual-angle depth gauge allows cutting at "straight on" or 45° angles to the wall. Visual depth gauge scale provides precise depth control at 1/8" increments. Handle folds down for undercutting beneath toe spaces. Comes with a carbide blade, carrying case, blade wrench, and instructions. Replacement blade: No. 556 Carbide-Tipped Blade only. Crain 575 Multi-Undercut Saw instructions and parts list.