Crain 673 13" Wood Cutter

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Crain 673 13" Wood Cutter cuts 13"plank flooring up to 3/4" thick, including a variety of solid hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, and LVT planks. Maximum plank width for cutting is 13". Wood Cutter includes wheels allowing it to be easily moved from a kneeling position. Crain 679 9" Wood Cutter features a movable fence to position the material on either side of the blade for increased blade life. Maximum plank hardness: 1290 Janka scale (see instructions for further details). Replacement blade: No. 674 Wood Cutter Blade. View Crain 673 13" Wood Cutter Instructions and parts list.

  • wheels allow easy movement while working
  • movable fence
  • cut guide for repetitive cuts
  • cuts plank flooring up to 3/4" thick