Crain 710 Power Stripper

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Crain 710 Power Stripper features new “Power Channel” construction designed to force the blade forward with more focused energy. The 710 power stripper oscillating cam action of the one horsepower motor is channeled straight ahead using steel channels and ball bearings. The 710 blade carrier forms an ultra-low blade angle allowing the blade to get beneath the material to be removed. Angle adjustment is fast with the spring-loaded angle adjuster. Comes with a new heavy-duty 51/2" long x 31/8" wide x 1/4" thick “Spud-Blade” (No. 711) for light tile and wood removal. Also includes No. 701 4" x 6" Vinyl Blade, No. 705 3" x 10" Multi-Purpose Blade, and 35 lb. weight. Net weight: 127 lbs.