Crain 988 Vinyl Welder Kit w/Groover

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Crain 988 Vinyl Welding Kit includes the basic tools needed for vinyl welding, all at a great price! It includes: No. 969 Head Weld Gun (including a Leister Triac ST heat gun, No. 963 Pencil Tip Nozzle, No. 961 Triangular Welding Tip, and the No. 962 Round Welding Tip), No. 968 Floor Following Power Groover, No. 955 Pull Hand Groover, No. 965 Skiving Knife w/Blade, No. 340 Selvage Trimmer, No. 370 Recess Scriber, No. 189 Hook Handle Utility Knife, and stainless steel cleaning brushes. Comes complete with a metal carrying case that holds all the tools in the kit.