Large Format Tile 7" Vacuum Suction Cup

Raimondi Large Format SKU: LTVSCGN


7" Vacuum Suction Cup by Raimondi with replaceable vacuum gauge and stain-free rubber. The Raimondi RV 175: “vacuum” pump suction cup with vacuum gauge designed for handling textured ceramic tiles and slabs. Guarantees perfect grip even on textured tiles. RV 175 is also suitable for lifting any non-porous material such as marble, granite, glass, etc. The vacuum gauge is protected against impacts and can be easily replaced, if necessary. In the event of accidental breakage, a dedicated screw is included into the maintenance kit, which allows the suction cup to be used without the vacuum gauge. The vacuum gauge allows to constantly monitoring the gripping status of the suction cup, informing the operator when it is necessary to restore the vacuum level. The stain-free rubber cup is easily removable from the die-cast aluminum main body and can therefore be replaced if necessary. The RV 175 is supplied with our Easy-Move 150 with 4 Cups, Easy-Move 150 with 6 Cups and Easy-Move 150 with 8 Cups Full Frame.

  • RV 175 is equipped with a carry case, complete with protection cup and maintenance kit.
  • Manual handle pump located in carry handle allows increase and release of vacuum
  • High performance vacuum valve, resistant to corrosion.
  • Maximum load capacity: 286.6 lbs. (130 Kg)
  • Safety factor 1.5.
  • 6-7/8" (175 mm) diameter cup
  • Carry Case