Raimondi Easy-Move Full Frame 8 Vacuum Cup Transport

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EASY-MOVE With 8 RV175 Vacuum Suction Cups and 2 Crossbars

  • Minimum Slab Length 3.3 feet
  • Maximum Slab Length 10.5 feet.
  • Fourth edition full frame Easy-Move.
  • Ideal solution for safely handling large format tiles.
  • Adjustable extension and crossbars.
  • Two telescopic cross bars Eight (8) suction cups
  • Completely redesigned this 4th generation of Easy-Move frame for handling large format tile slabs and panels offers functionality and performance.
  • Weight reduced by over 25% compared to the previous version.
  • RV175 vacuum suction cups (perfect for textured tiles) replaceable vacuum gauge, stain-free rubber, and die-cast aluminum body.
  • Maximum safety thanks to the vacuum gauges (placed in a protected position) which constantly indicate the degree of vacuum inside the cup.
  • The pump system allows for restoration/increase of the vacuum at any time with the suction cup still in place/working using the side pin thumb hand pump.
  • 8 stain-free 7" Vacuum Suction Cups
  • Use on smooth or textured tiles.
  • The sliding between the primary aluminum profiles is extremely fluid thanks to the anti-friction pads.
  • All suction cups (including the central ones) can be easily slid into any position along the profiles.
  • Two variable-length telescopic crossbars (mini 90 cm / 35 ½”; max 160 cm / 63”) to allow easy entry and adapt to slabs of any width.
  • Crossbars can be easily tilted at an angle (compared to the main profiles) so to adapt to even the most complicated slab layouts.
  • Each crossbar is equipped with an RV175 suction cup that can be moved along its entire length
  • The suction cup can be positioned both inside and outside the main profiles quickly and easily.
  • All sliding and movements are extremely fluid to quickly and easily adapt the frame configuration to the slab layout—even the most complicated.
  • Tilting suction cups (+/- 1.25 °) to adapt to the inevitable bending of the slabs and guarantee the perfect grip in every situation.
  • Particularly useful for textured slabs.
  • Suction cups are all positioned in line to allow using EASY-MOVE on reduced-width slabs (minimum width 19 cm / 7 ½”).
  • 4 sliding soft rubber grip handles provided with non-slip and stain-proof for best ergonomics and holding even for wall installation.
  • Maximum slab length 320 cm (10.5 feet); minimum 100 cm (3.3 feet).
  • Comes with crossbars and 8 vacuum suction cups.
  • Equipped with plastic suction cup protections, use, and maintenance manual.
  • Simply the best large-format tile transfer tool on the market