Leister AT Vinyl Flooring Welding Kit w/EASYFLOOR

Leister SKU: EASY602

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Leister AT Vinyl Floor Welding Kit for professional vinyl flooring installations.

Leister AT Vinyl Welding Kit includes:

  • Leister Triac AT with Digital Temp. Control Heat Gun
  • EasyFloor precise guidance gives constant preheating for increased weld quality
  • Pencil Tip Nozzle
  • 4mm Round Speed Nozzle
  • 5mm Round Speed Nozzle
  • Ram Rod Clean Out Tool
  • Special Feed Roller
  • Pull Groover
  • Spatula Knife
  • Trim Plate Knife
  • Diamond Sharpening Pad
  • Welder Tool Rest Stand
  • Carrying Case