Leister Cordless 500LP Groover

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GROOVER 500 LP – Battery power Groover 18V Includes 2 batteries charger Dust Bag and Tool Box. Grooving Cordless, Powerful, Reliable Grooving – even on uneven floors of plastic or natural materials, close to the edge, or along a guide rail – all in a day’s work for the GROOVER 500-LP cordless grooving machine from Leister. No more messy rat’s nests of cables and tedious searching for electric power sockets on site. Your GROOVER 500-LP lets you switch from one room to another in no time. Cordless, robust, and reliable - that’s your GROOVER 500-LP. Included with purchase: Grooving machine, 2x battery pack LP18/5.0 charger, vacuum cleaner adapter, dust bag black, dust pipe, union nut, hex key, quick guide, storage case, and provided with a 130mm 3.5mm Parabolic TCT Blade (167.026) for Vinyl Floor Laying and Welding. Additional 167.025 (2.8mm) and 167.026 (3.5mm) blades are available.

  • Cordless battery operation with maximum flexibility
  • LED light for illuminating the grooving area
  • Side stop for grooving along rails
  • Sensing roller for reliable grooving even on uneven floors