MOZART Leister Triac AT Basic Floor Kit w/EASYFLOOR



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MOZART Leister Triac AT Basic Floor Welders Kit includes the compact Leister Triac AT hand welder plus all of the essential accessories you need to heat-weld vinyl floors. This hot air tool is lightweight and compact, making it perfect for detailed areas without sacrificing power and versatility.

  • Leister Triac AT
  • EasyFloor precise guidance gives constant preheating for increased weld quality
  • Mozart Trimming Knife, Mozart Leather Cover, and 5-Pack Blades
  • Pencil Tip Nozzle
  • 4MM Round Speed Nozzle
  • 5MM Round Speed Nozzle
  • Ram Rod Feed Roller
  • Diamond Sharpening Stick
  • Welder Tool Rest Stand
  • Tool Box