Raimondi Wash Master Grouting System

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Wash Master (Raimondi Pedalo) grouting system for cleaning grout from walls to floor, size enables to use the metal head sponge with its pole for easier cleaning in a standing position of either floors or walls. The pedal eases and speeds up the process of wringing out the sponge while allowing the user to remain upright. The high-capacity bucket can hold up to 40 lt. (10.5 gals) reducing the need for frequent water changes. FEATURES, 23.8 lbs. Supplied with one (1) yellow sponge (WBLSY), one (1) handle (WBHANDLE), one (1) sponge metal head float (WBSFH), one (1) yellow 17" sponge (WBPSY) and one (1) pole (WB2PPOL52).