Leister Electric GROOVER

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Leister's electric, joint cutter, GROOVER, cuts weld joints in elastic floor coverings made of plastics such as PVC (vinyl), PE, CV, and PUR and natural materials such as linoleum and rubber. The tool glides on three rollers and cuts a uniform grooving depth, even at high speeds. The elastic floor coverings are ideally prepared for hot air welding and cold application with sealants. The GROOVER from Leister has a toggle switch with two selectable levels to set the speed of the milling blade. TECHNICAL DATA: 120V 350W 50/60 Hz, 2 Cutting Speeds Level 1 14500 rpm, Level 2 18500 rpm and comes with 3.5MM WIDE Trapezium Blade installed. Additional Electric GROOVER Blades are available 2.5MM WIDE, 3.5MM WIDE, 4.5MM WIDE, and 3.5MM WIDE DIAMOND BLADE

  • Groove cutting on all resilient floor coverings
  • Very high, two-stage grooving speeds
  • Adjustable guide roller for tracking accuracy Integrated fan and dust bags
  • Cuts can be made close to the edge